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Part of lp.registry

Common registry browser helpers and mixins.
Module announcement Announcement views.
Module branding Browser views for items that can be displayed as images.
Module codeofconduct View classes to handle signed Codes of Conduct.
Module distribution Browser views for distributions.
Module distributionmirror No module docstring; 3/11 classes documented
Module distributionsourcepackage No module docstring; 11/17 classes, 1/1 interfaces documented
Module distroseries View classes related to IDistroSeries.
Module distroseriesdifference Browser views for DistroSeriesDifferences.
Module distroseriesdifferencecomment View and helper for DistroSeriesDifferenceComment.
Module driver Browser view class for drivers.
Module featuredproject Featured Project views.
Module karma No module docstring; 2/5 classes documented
Module mailinglists Browser views for handling mailing lists.
Module menu Shared menus.
Module milestone Milestone views.
Module nameblacklist No module docstring; 7/8 classes documented
Module objectreassignment A view for changing the owner or registrant of an object.
Module peoplemerge People Merge related wiew classes.
Module person Person-related view classes.
Module persondistributionsourcepackage Views, menus and traversal related to PersonDistributionSourcePackages.
Module personproduct Views, menus and traversal related to PersonProducts.
Module pillar Common views for objects that implement IPillar.
Module poll No module docstring; 7/14 classes, 2/2 interfaces documented
Module product Browser views for products.
Module productrelease No module docstring; 7/9 classes documented
Module productseries View classes for IProductSeries.
Module project Project-related View Classes
Module sourcepackage Browser views for sourcepackages.
Module team No module docstring; 24/34 classes, 1/1 functions, 5/5 interfaces documented
Module teamjoin No module docstring; 1/1 classes, 1/1 functions documented
Module teammembership No module docstring; 2/3 classes documented
Package tests No package docstring; 29/38 modules documented

From the __init__.py module:

Class BaseRdfView A view that sets its mime-type to application/rdf+xml.
Class MilestoneOverlayMixin A mixin that provides the data for the milestoneoverlay script.
Class RDFFolder Export the Launchpad RDF schemas.
Class RDFIndexView View for /rdf page.
Class RegistryDeleteViewMixin A mixin class that provides common behaviour for registry deletions.
Class RegistryEditFormView A base class that provides consistent edit form behaviour.
Class StatusCount A helper that stores the count of status for a list of items.
Function add_subscribe_link Add the subscription-related links.
Function get_status_counts Return a list StatusCounts summarising the workitem.
def get_status_counts(workitems, status_attr, key='sortkey'):
Return a list StatusCounts summarising the workitem.
def add_subscribe_link(links):
Add the subscription-related links.
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