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Project-related View Classes
Class ProjectNavigation Undocumented
Class ProjectSetNavigation Undocumented
Class ProjectSetBreadcrumb Builds a breadcrumb for an IProjectGroupSet.
Class ProjectSetContextMenu Undocumented
Class ProjectFacets The links that will appear in the facet menu for an IProjectGroup.
Class ProjectAdminMenuMixin Undocumented
Class ProjectEditMenuMixin Undocumented
Class ProjectOverviewMenu Undocumented
Interface IProjectGroupActionMenu Marker interface for views that use ProjectActionMenu.
Class ProjectActionMenu Undocumented
Interface IProjectGroupEditMenu A marker interface for the 'Change details' navigation menu.
Class ProjectEditNavigationMenu A sub-menu for different aspects of editing a Project's details.
Class ProjectSpecificationsMenu Undocumented
Class ProjectAnswersMenu Menu for the answers facet of projects.
Class ProjectBugsMenu Undocumented
Class ProjectView No class docstring; 2/6 methods documented
Class ProjectEditView View class that lets you edit a Project object.
Class ProjectReviewView No class docstring; 3/3 methods documented
Class ProjectGroupAddStepOne project/+newproduct view class for creating a new project.
Class ProjectGroupAddStepTwo Step 2 (of 2) in the +newproduct project add wizard.
Class ProjectAddProductView The controlling view for project/+newproduct.
Class ProjectSetNavigationMenu Action menu for project group index.
Class ProjectSetView View for project group index page.
Class ProjectAddView No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
Class ProjectBrandingView Undocumented
Class ProjectRdfView A view that sets its mime-type to application/rdf+xml
Class ProjectAddQuestionView View used to create a question from an IProjectGroup context.
Class ProjectSeriesSpecificationsMenu Undocumented
Class ProjectMaintainerReassignmentView View class for changing project maintainer.
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