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The lp namespace package.

WARNING: This is a namespace package, it should only include other packages, but no actual code or modules.

This is the root of the Launchpad application namespace.

You'll find in this package:

  • Application packages:

    lp.answers lp.bugs lp.code etc.

The Launchpad code should be structured like an onion, where each layers can only know about and use (and thus import) from the layers above it).

Here are these layers:

Package answers The Answers Launchpad Application
Package app This package contains the Launchpad.net web application.
Package archivepublisher No package docstring; 15/19 modules, 0/4 packages documented
Package archiveuploader No package docstring; 11/11 modules, 0/2 packages documented
Package blueprints No package docstring; 4/5 modules, 0/10 packages documented
Package bugs No package docstring; 5/5 modules, 0/16 packages documented
Package buildmaster No package docstring; 4/6 modules, 0/4 packages documented
Package code No package docstring; 5/5 modules, 0/16 packages documented
Package codehosting Launchpad code-hosting system.
Package coop The lp.coop namespace package.
Package hardwaredb Undocumented
Module layers Define the layers used in Launchpad.
Module patchwebservice All the interfaces that are exposed through the webservice.
Package registry No package docstring; 6/7 modules, 0/14 packages documented
Package scripts No package docstring; 4/5 modules, 0/2 packages documented
Module security Security policies for using content objects.
Package services lp.services namespace package
Package snappy No package docstring; 1/1 modules, 0/8 packages documented
Package soyuz No package docstring; 2/2 modules, 0/12 packages documented
Module systemhomes Content classes for the 'home pages' of the subsystems of Launchpad.
Package testing No package docstring; 24/30 modules, 0/5 packages documented
Package testopenid Undocumented
Package tests Tests for code-base sanity.
Package translations No package docstring; 3/4 modules, 0/11 packages documented
Package xmlrpc XMLRPC views and APIs on Launchpad objects.
Module _schema_circular_imports Update the interface schema values due to circular imports.
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