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No package docstring
Package browser No package docstring; 20/24 modules, 0/2 packages documented
Package doc Undocumented
Package emailtemplates Undocumented
Module enums Enumerations used in the lp/translations modules.
Package interfaces No package docstring; 16/37 modules documented
Package model No package docstring; 18/33 modules documented
Package pottery No package docstring; 1/1 modules, 0/1 packages documented
Module publisher Translations's custom publication.
Package scripts No package docstring; 11/16 modules, 0/1 packages documented
Package stories Undocumented
Module subscribers No module docstring; 1/1 functions documented
Package templates Undocumented
Package tests No package docstring; 23/37 modules documented
Package utilities No package docstring; 9/23 modules, 0/1 packages documented
Module vocabularies Translations vocabularies.
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