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Part of lp.translations

No package docstring
Module helpers No module docstring; 4/4 functions documented
Module test_autoapproval Unit tests for translation import queue auto-approval.
Module test_clearcurrenttranslation Tests for POTMsgSet.clearCurrentTranslation.
Module test_distroseries_translations_copy Unit tests for distroseries translations initialization.
Module test_doc Run the doctests and pagetests.
Module test_exportresult Tests for ExportResult.
Module test_hastranslationtemplates No module docstring; 4/4 classes documented
Module test_helpers No module docstring; 1/1 classes documented
Module test_pofile No module docstring; 21/21 classes, 1/1 functions documented
Module test_pofilestatsjob Tests for merging translations.
Module test_pofiletranslator Runs the POFileTranslator test.
Module test_potemplate No module docstring; 12/12 classes documented
Module test_potmsgset No module docstring; 11/13 classes documented
Module test_productserieslanguage No module docstring; 2/2 classes documented
Module test_publisher Tests for translations's custom publications.
Module test_rosetta_branches_script Testing rosetta-branches cronscript.
Module test_setcurrenttranslation No module docstring; 1/3 classes documented
Module test_shared_potemplate No module docstring; 3/3 classes documented
Module test_side Test TranslationSide and friends.
Module test_suggestions No module docstring; 1/1 classes documented
Module test_translatedlanguage No module docstring; 1/1 classes documented
Module test_translationbranchapprover Translation File Auto Approver tests.
Module test_translationbuildapprover Tests for the TranslationBuildApprover.
Module test_translationgroup Unit tests for TranslationGroup and related classes.
Module test_translationimportqueue No module docstring; 9/9 classes documented
Module test_translationmerger No module docstring; 9/9 classes documented
Module test_translationmessage Unit tests for TranslationMessage.
Module test_translationpackagingjob Tests for merging translations.
Module test_translationpermission Test the translation permissions model.
Module test_translationpolicy Test TranslationPolicyMixin.
Module test_translations_to_review Test the choice of "translations to review" for a user.
Module test_translationsperson Unit tests for TranslationsPerson.
Module test_translationsplitter No module docstring; 2/4 classes, 0/3 functions documented
Module test_translationtemplatesbuild TranslationTemplatesBuild tests.
Module test_translationtemplatesbuildbehaviour Unit tests for TranslationTemplatesBuildBehaviour.
Module test_translationtemplatescollection Test TranslationTemplatesCollection.
Module test_yuitests Run YUI.test tests.
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