l.t.t.test_translationmerger : module documentation

Part of lp.translations.tests

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Class TranslatableProductMixin Mixin: set up product with two series & templates for testing.
Class TestPOTMsgSetMerging Test merging of POTMsgSets.
Class TranslatedProductMixin Like TranslatableProductMixin, but adds actual POTMsgSets.
Class TestPOTMsgSetMergingAndTranslations Test how merging of POTMsgSets affects translations.
Class TestTranslationMessageNonMerging Test TranslationMessages that don't share.
Class TestTranslationMessageMerging Test merging of TranslationMessages.
Class TestRemoveDuplicates Test _scrubPOTMsgSetTranslations and friends.
Class TestSharingMigrationPerformance Test performance-related aspects of migration.
Class TestFindMergablePackagings Test TranslationMerger.findMergeablePackagings.
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