l.t.t.test_autoapproval : module documentation

Part of lp.translations.tests

Unit tests for translation import queue auto-approval.

This test overlaps with the one in doc/translationimportqueue.txt. Documentation-style tests go in there, ones that go systematically through the possibilities should go here.

Class GardenerDbUserMixin Switch to the translations import queue gardener database role.
Class TestCustomLanguageCode Unit tests for CustomLanguageCode.
Class TestGuessPOFileCustomLanguageCode Test interaction with TranslationImportQueueEntry.getGuessedPOFile.
Class TestTemplateGuess Test auto-approval's attempts to find the right template.
Class TestKdePOFileGuess Test auto-approval's POFile guessing for KDE uploads.
Class TestGetPOFileFromLanguage Test TranslationImportQueueEntry._get_pofile_from_language.
Class TestCleanup Test TranslationImportQueueEntry garbage collection.
Class TestAutoApprovalNewPOFile Test creation of new `POFile`s in approval.
Class TestAutoBlocking No class docstring; 3/21 methods documented
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