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Method translation_messages See IPOFile.
Method getOtherSidePOFile See IPOFile.
Method getTranslationMessages See IPOFile.
Method title See IPOFile.
Method translators See IPOFile.
Method translationpermission See IPOFile.
Method contributors See IPOFile.
Method prepareTranslationCredits See IPOFile.
Method getTranslationsFilteredBy See IPOFile.
Method getPOTMsgSetTranslated See IPOFile.
Method getPOTMsgSetUntranslated See IPOFile.
Method getPOTMsgSetWithNewSuggestions See IPOFile.
Method getPOTMsgSetDifferentTranslations See IPOFile.
Method messageCount See IRosettaStats.
Method currentCount See IRosettaStats.
Method updatesCount See IRosettaStats.
Method rosettaCount See IRosettaStats.
Method unreviewedCount See IRosettaStats.
Method getStatistics See IPOFile.
Method updateStatistics See IPOFile.
Method updateHeader See IPOFile.
Method isTranslationRevisionDateOlder See IPOFile.
Method setPathIfUnique See IPOFile.
Method importFromQueue See IPOFile.
Method export See IPOFile.
Method getTranslationRows See IVPOExportSet.
Method getChangedRows See IVPOExportSet.
Method _getStormClausesForPOFileMessages Get TranslationMessages for the POFile via TranslationTemplateItem.
Method _getTranslatedMessagesQuery Get query data for fetching all POTMsgSets with translations.
Method _getCompletePluralFormsConditions Add conditions to implement ITranslationMessage.is_complete in SQL.
Method _countTranslations Count currentcount, updatescount, and rosettacount.
Method _countNewSuggestions Count messages with new suggestions.
Method _prepare_pomessage_error_message Undocumented
Method _selectRows Select translation message data.

Inherited from SQLBase:

Method __init__ Extended version of the SQLObjectBase constructor.
Method __repr__ Undocumented
Method destroySelf Undocumented
Method __eq__ Equality operator.
Method __ne__ Inverse of __eq__.
Method __storm_invalidated__ Flush cached properties.
Class Method _get_store Undocumented

Inherited from POFileMixIn:

Method plural_forms See IPOFile.
Method hasPluralFormInformation See IPOFile.
Method canEditTranslations See IPOFile.
Method canAddSuggestions See IPOFile.
Method getHeader See IPOFile.
Method findPOTMsgSetsContaining See IPOFile.
Method getFullLanguageCode See IPOFile.
Method getFullLanguageName See IPOFile.
Method markChanged See IPOFile.
Method _getTranslationSearchQuery Query to find text in plural_form translations of a pofile.
Method _getTemplateSearchQuery Query for finding text in msgids of this POFile.
Method _getOrderedPOTMsgSets Find all POTMsgSets matching query from origin_tables.

Inherited from RosettaStats (via POFileMixIn):

Method testStatistics See IRosettaStats.
Method translatedCount See IRosettaStats.
Method untranslatedCount See IRosettaStats.
Method newCount See IRosettaStats.
Method asPercentage See IRosettaStats.
Method translatedPercentage See IRosettaStats.
Method currentPercentage See IRosettaStats.
Method untranslatedPercentage See IRosettaStats.
Method newPercentage See IRosettaStats.
Method updatesPercentage See IRosettaStats.
Method rosettaPercentage See IRosettaStats.
def translation_messages(self):
See IPOFile.
def getOtherSidePOFile(self):
See IPOFile.
def getTranslationMessages(self, condition=None):
See IPOFile.
def title(self):
See IPOFile.
def translators(self):
See IPOFile.
def translationpermission(self):
See IPOFile.
def contributors(self):
See IPOFile.
def prepareTranslationCredits(self, potmsgset):
See IPOFile.
def _getStormClausesForPOFileMessages(self, current=True):
Get TranslationMessages for the POFile via TranslationTemplateItem.
def getTranslationsFilteredBy(self, person):
See IPOFile.
def _getTranslatedMessagesQuery(self):
Get query data for fetching all POTMsgSets with translations.

Return a tuple of SQL (clauses, clause_tables) to be used with POTMsgSet.select().

def getPOTMsgSetTranslated(self):
See IPOFile.
def getPOTMsgSetUntranslated(self):
See IPOFile.
def getPOTMsgSetWithNewSuggestions(self):
See IPOFile.
def getPOTMsgSetDifferentTranslations(self):
See IPOFile.
def messageCount(self):
See IRosettaStats.
def currentCount(self, language=None):
See IRosettaStats.
def updatesCount(self, language=None):
See IRosettaStats.
def rosettaCount(self, language=None):
See IRosettaStats.
def unreviewedCount(self):
See IRosettaStats.
def getStatistics(self):
See IPOFile.
def _getCompletePluralFormsConditions(self, table_name='TranslationMessage'):
Add conditions to implement ITranslationMessage.is_complete in SQL.
ParametersqueryA list of AND SQL conditions where the implementation of ITranslationMessage.is_complete will be appended as SQL conditions.
def _countTranslations(self):
Count currentcount, updatescount, and rosettacount.
def _countNewSuggestions(self):
Count messages with new suggestions.
def updateStatistics(self):
See IPOFile.
def updateHeader(self, new_header):
See IPOFile.
def isTranslationRevisionDateOlder(self, header):
See IPOFile.
def setPathIfUnique(self, path):
See IPOFile.
def importFromQueue(self, entry_to_import, logger=None, txn=None):
See IPOFile.
def _prepare_pomessage_error_message(self, errors, replacements):
def export(self, ignore_obsolete=False, force_utf8=False):
See IPOFile.
def _selectRows(self, where=None, ignore_obsolete=True):
Select translation message data.

Diverged messages come before shared ones. The exporter relies on this.

def getTranslationRows(self):
See IVPOExportSet.
def getChangedRows(self):
See IVPOExportSet.
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