l.t.m.p.POFileMixIn(RosettaStats) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.translations.model.pofile.DummyPOFile, lp.translations.model.pofile.POFile

Base class for `POFile` and `DummyPOFile`.

Provides machinery for retrieving `TranslationMessage`s and populating
their submissions caches.  That machinery is needed even for
Method plural_forms See IPOFile.
Method hasPluralFormInformation See IPOFile.
Method canEditTranslations See IPOFile.
Method canAddSuggestions See IPOFile.
Method getHeader See IPOFile.
Method findPOTMsgSetsContaining See IPOFile.
Method getFullLanguageCode See IPOFile.
Method getFullLanguageName See IPOFile.
Method markChanged See IPOFile.
Method _getTranslationSearchQuery Query to find text in plural_form translations of a pofile.
Method _getTemplateSearchQuery Query for finding text in msgids of this POFile.
Method _getOrderedPOTMsgSets Find all POTMsgSets matching query from origin_tables.

Inherited from RosettaStats:

Method testStatistics See IRosettaStats.
Method updateStatistics See IRosettaStats.
Method messageCount See IRosettaStats.
Method currentCount See IRosettaStats.
Method updatesCount See IRosettaStats.
Method rosettaCount See IRosettaStats.
Method translatedCount See IRosettaStats.
Method untranslatedCount See IRosettaStats.
Method newCount See IRosettaStats.
Method asPercentage See IRosettaStats.
Method translatedPercentage See IRosettaStats.
Method currentPercentage See IRosettaStats.
Method untranslatedPercentage See IRosettaStats.
Method newPercentage See IRosettaStats.
Method updatesPercentage See IRosettaStats.
Method rosettaPercentage See IRosettaStats.
def plural_forms(self):
See IPOFile.
def hasPluralFormInformation(self):
See IPOFile.
def canEditTranslations(self, person):
See IPOFile.
def canAddSuggestions(self, person):
See IPOFile.
def getHeader(self):
See IPOFile.
def _getTranslationSearchQuery(self, pofile, plural_form, text):
Query to find text in plural_form translations of a pofile.

This produces a list of clauses that can be used to search for TranslationMessages containing text in their msgstr[plural_form]. Returned values are POTMsgSet ids containing them, expected to be used in a UNION across all plural forms.

def _getTemplateSearchQuery(self, text):
Query for finding text in msgids of this POFile.
def _getOrderedPOTMsgSets(self, origin_tables, query):
Find all POTMsgSets matching query from origin_tables.

Orders the result by TranslationTemplateItem.sequence which must be among origin_tables.

def findPOTMsgSetsContaining(self, text):
See IPOFile.
def getFullLanguageCode(self):
See IPOFile.
def getFullLanguageName(self):
See IPOFile.
def markChanged(self, translator=None, timestamp=None):
See IPOFile.
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