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Function set_relicensing Set person's choice for the translations relicensing agreement.
Class TestTranslationSharedPOFileSourcePackage Test behaviour of PO files with shared POTMsgSets on a source package.
Class TestTranslationSharedPOFile Test behaviour of PO files with shared POTMsgSets.
Class TestSharingPOFileCreation Test that POFiles are created in sharing POTemplates.
Class TestTranslationCredits Test generation of translation credits.
Class TestTranslationPOFilePOTMsgSetOrdering Test ordering of POTMsgSets as returned by PO file methods.
Class TestPOFileSet Test PO file set methods.
Class TestPOFileStatistics Test PO files statistics calculation.
Class TestPOFile Test PO file methods.
Class TestPOFileUbuntuUpstreamSharingMixin Test sharing between Ubuntu und upstream POFiles.
Class TestPOFileUbuntuSharing Test sharing on Ubuntu side.
Class TestPOFileUpstreamSharing Test sharing on upstream side.
Class TestPOFileTranslationMessages Test PO file getTranslationMessages method.
Class TestPOFileToTranslationFileDataAdapter Test POFile being adapted to IPOFileToTranslationFileData.
Class TestPOFilePermissions Test POFile access privileges.
Class StatisticsTestScenario Test case mixin: POFile statistics.
Class StatistcsCountsTestScenario Test statistics on upstream `POFile`s.
Class TestUpstreamStatistics Test statistics on upstream `POFile`s.
Class TestUbuntuStatistics Test statistics on Ubuntu `POFile`s.
Class StatistcsFiltersTestScenario Test the filter functions in `POFile`s compared to statistics.
Class TestUpstreamFilters Test filters on upstream `POFile`s.
Class TestUbuntuFilters Test filters on Ubuntu `POFile`s.
def set_relicensing(person, choice):
Set person's choice for the translations relicensing agreement.
ParameterspersonA Person.
choiceThe person's tri-state boolean choice on the relicensing agreement. None means undecided, which is the default initial choice for any person.
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