l.systemhomes : module documentation

Part of lp

Content classes for the 'home pages' of the subsystems of Launchpad.
Class CodehostingApplication Codehosting End-Point.
Class CodeImportSchedulerApplication CodeImportScheduler End-Point.
Class GitApplication Undocumented
Class PrivateMaloneApplication ExternalBugTracker authentication token end-point.
Class MailingListApplication Undocumented
Class FeedsApplication Undocumented
Class MaloneApplication No class docstring; 5/13 methods documented
Class BazaarApplication Undocumented
Class RosettaApplication No class docstring; 10/12 methods documented
Class HWDBApplication See IHWDBApplication.
Class WebServiceApplication See IWebServiceApplication.
Class TestOpenIDApplication Undocumented
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