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No package docstring
Module adapters Adapters for registry objects.
Package browser Common registry browser helpers and mixins.
Package doc Undocumented
Package emailtemplates Undocumented
Module enums Enums for the Registry app.
Module errors No module docstring; 29/29 classes, 1/1 interfaces documented
Package feed No package docstring; 1/1 modules documented
Package interfaces No package docstring; 46/49 modules documented
Package javascript Tests for lp.registry.javascript.tests module.
Package mail No package docstring; 1/2 modules documented
Package model No package docstring; 35/43 modules documented
Module personmerge Person/team merger implementation.
Module publisher ILaunchpadContainer adapters.
Package scripts No package docstring; 9/10 modules, 0/2 packages documented
Package services The services namespace package.
Package stories Undocumented
Module subscribers Functions and classes that are subscribed to registry events.
Package templates Undocumented
Package tests No package docstring; 70/90 modules documented
Module vocabularies Vocabularies for content objects.
Package xmlrpc No package docstring; 2/2 modules documented
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