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Class PrivatePersonLinkageError An attempt was made to link a private person/team to something.
Class InclusiveTeamLinkageError An attempt was made to link an open team to something.
Class NameAlreadyTaken The name given for a person is already in use by other person.
Class InvalidName The name given for a person is not valid.
Class NotPlaceholderAccount A non-placeholder account already exists for that OpenID identifier.
Class NoSuchAccount No account exists for the specified openid identifier.
Class InvalidFilename An invalid filename was used as an attachment filename.
Class NoSuchDistroSeries Raised when we try to find a DistroSeries that doesn't exist.
Class UserCannotChangeMembershipSilently User not permitted to change membership status silently.
Class CommercialSubscribersOnly Feature is only available to current commercial subscribers.
Class ProprietaryProduct Cannot make the change because the project is proprietary.
Class NoSuchSourcePackageName Raised when we can't find a particular sourcepackagename.
Class CannotTransitionToCountryMirror Root exception for transitions to country mirrors.
Class CountryMirrorAlreadySet Distribution mirror cannot be set as a country mirror.
Class MirrorNotOfficial Distribution mirror is not permitted to become a country mirror.
Class MirrorHasNoHTTPURL Distribution mirror has no HTTP URL.
Class MirrorNotProbed Distribution mirror has not been probed.
Class DeleteSubscriptionError Delete Subscription Error.
Class UserCannotSubscribePerson User does not have permission to subscribe the person or team.
Class DistroSeriesDifferenceError Raised when package diffs cannot be created for a difference.
Class NotADerivedSeriesError A distro series difference must be created with a derived series.
Class TeamMembershipTransitionError Indicates something has gone wrong with the transtiion.
Interface TeamMembershipPolicyError The team cannot have the specified TeamMembershipPolicy.
Class JoinNotAllowed User is not allowed to join a given team.
Class PPACreationError Raised when there is an issue creating a new PPA.
Class CannotDeleteCommercialSubscription Raised when a commercial subscription cannot be deleted.
Class CannotChangeInformationType The information type cannot be changed.
Class InvalidMirrorReviewState The mirror is in an invalid state in the review workflow.
Class CannotPackageProprietaryProduct Raised when a non-PUBLIC product's series is linked to a package.
Class VoucherAlreadyRedeemed Raised when a voucher is redeemed more than once.
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