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Part of lp.registry

Vocabularies for content objects.

Vocabularies that represent a set of content objects should be in this module. Those vocabularies that are only used for providing a UI are better placed in the browser code.

Note that you probably shouldn't be importing stuff from these modules, as it is better to have your schema's fields look up the vocabularies by name. Some of these vocabularies will only work if looked up by name, as they require context to calculate the available options. Obtaining a vocabulary by name also avoids circular import issues.


class IFoo(Interface):
thingy = Choice(..., vocabulary='Thingies')

The binding of name -> class is done in the configure.zcml

Class BasePersonVocabulary This is a base class used by all different Person Vocabularies.
Class KarmaCategoryVocabulary All IKarmaCategory objects vocabulary.
Class ProductVocabulary All IProduct objects vocabulary.
Class ProjectGroupVocabulary All IProjectGroup objects vocabulary.
Function project_products_vocabulary_factory Return a SimpleVocabulary containing the project's products.
Class UserTeamsParticipationVocabulary Describes the public teams in which the current user participates.
Class NonMergedPeopleAndTeamsVocabulary The set of all non-merged people and teams.
Class PersonAccountToMergeVocabulary The set of all non-merged people with at least one email address.
Class AdminMergeablePersonVocabulary The set of all non-merged people.
Class VocabularyFilterPerson Undocumented
Class VocabularyFilterTeam Undocumented
Class ValidPersonOrTeamVocabulary The set of valid, viewable Persons/Teams in Launchpad.
Class ValidTeamVocabulary The set of all valid, public teams in Launchpad.
Class ValidPersonVocabulary The set of all valid persons who are not teams in Launchpad.
Class TeamVocabularyMixin Common methods for team vocabularies.
Class ValidPersonOrExclusiveTeamVocabulary The set of people and exclusive teams in Launchpad.
Class ValidTeamMemberVocabulary The set of valid members of a given team.
Class ValidTeamOwnerVocabulary The set of Persons/Teams that can be owner of a team.
Class AllUserTeamsParticipationVocabulary The set of teams where the current user is a member.
Class PersonActiveMembershipVocabulary All the teams the person is an active member of.
Class NewPillarGranteeVocabulary The set of people and teams with whom to share information.
Class ActiveMailingListVocabulary The set of all active mailing lists.
Function person_term Return a SimpleTerm for the Person.
Function person_team_participations_vocabulary_factory Return a SimpleVocabulary containing the teams a person
Class UserTeamsParticipationPlusSelfVocabulary A vocabulary containing the public teams that the logged
Class AllUserTeamsParticipationPlusSelfVocabulary All public and private teams participated in and themselves.
Class UserTeamsParticipationPlusSelfSimpleDisplayVocabulary Like UserTeamsParticipationPlusSelfVocabulary but the term title is
Class AllUserTeamsParticipationPlusSelfSimpleDisplayVocabulary Like AllUserTeamsParticipationPlusSelfVocabulary but the term title is
Class ProductReleaseVocabulary All IProductRelease objects vocabulary.
Class ProductSeriesVocabulary All IProductSeries objects vocabulary.
Class FilteredDistroSeriesVocabulary Describes the series of a particular distribution.
Class FilteredProductSeriesVocabulary Describes ProductSeries of a particular product.
Class MilestoneVocabulary The milestones for a target.
Class MilestoneWithDateExpectedVocabulary No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class CommercialProjectsVocabulary List all commercial projects.
Class DistributionVocabulary All IDistribution objects vocabulary.
Class DistroSeriesVocabulary All IDistroSeries objects vocabulary.
Class DistroSeriesDerivationVocabulary A vocabulary source for series to derive from.
Class DistroSeriesDifferencesVocabulary A vocabulary source for differences relating to a series.
Class VocabularyFilterProject Undocumented
Class VocabularyFilterProjectGroup Undocumented
Class VocabularyFilterDistribution Undocumented
Class PillarVocabularyBase Active IPillar objects vocabulary.
Class DistributionOrProductVocabulary Active IDistribution or IProduct objects vocabulary.
Class DistributionOrProductOrProjectGroupVocabulary Active IProduct, IProjectGroup or IDistribution vocabulary.
Class FeaturedProjectVocabulary Vocabulary of projects that are featured on the LP Home Page.
Class SourcePackageNameIterator A custom iterator for SourcePackageNameVocabulary.
Class SourcePackageNameVocabulary A vocabulary that lists source package names.
Class DistributionSourcePackageVocabulary No class docstring; 5/11 methods documented
def project_products_vocabulary_factory(context):
Return a SimpleVocabulary containing the project's products.
def person_term(person):
Return a SimpleTerm for the Person.
def person_team_participations_vocabulary_factory(context):
Return a SimpleVocabulary containing the teams a person participate in.
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