l.r.v.ActiveMailingListVocabulary(FilteredVocabularyBase) : class documentation

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The set of all active mailing lists.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method __iter__ See IIterableVocabulary.
Method __len__ See IIterableVocabulary.
Method __contains__ See ISource.
Method toTerm See IVocabulary.
Method getTerm See IBaseVocabulary.
Method getTermByToken See IVocabularyTokenized.
Method search Search for active mailing lists.
Method searchForTerms See IHugeVocabulary.

Inherited from FilteredVocabularyBase:

Method __getattribute__ Undocumented
Method supportedFilters Undocumented
def __init__(self, context):
def __iter__(self):
See IIterableVocabulary.
def __len__(self):
See IIterableVocabulary.
def __contains__(self, team_list):
See ISource.
def toTerm(self, team_list):
See IVocabulary.

Turn the team mailing list into a SimpleTerm.

def getTerm(self, team_list):
See IBaseVocabulary.
def getTermByToken(self, token):
See IVocabularyTokenized.
def search(self, text=None, vocab_filter=None):
Search for active mailing lists.
ParameterstextThe name of a mailing list, which can be a partial name. This actually matches against the name of the team to which the mailing list is linked. If None (the default), all active mailing lists are returned.
ReturnsAn iterator over the active mailing lists matching the query.
def searchForTerms(self, query=None, vocab_filter=None):
See IHugeVocabulary.
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