l.r.v.UserTeamsParticipationPlusSelfSimpleDisplayVocabulary(UserTeamsParticipationPlusSelfVocabulary) : class documentation

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Like UserTeamsParticipationPlusSelfVocabulary but the term title is the person.displayname rather than unique_displayname.

This vocab is used for pickers which append the Launchpad id to the displayname. If we use the original UserTeamsParticipationPlusSelf vocab, the Launchpad id is displayed twice.

Method toTerm See IVocabulary.

Inherited from UserTeamsParticipationPlusSelfVocabulary:

Method __iter__ Return an iterator which provides the terms from the vocabulary.
Method getTermByToken See IVocabularyTokenized.

Inherited from SQLObjectVocabularyBase (via UserTeamsParticipationPlusSelfVocabulary, UserTeamsParticipationVocabulary):

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method searchForTerms Undocumented
Method search Undocumented
Method __len__ Undocumented
Method __contains__ Undocumented
Method getTerm Undocumented
Method emptySelectResults Return a SelectResults object without any elements.

Inherited from FilteredVocabularyBase (via UserTeamsParticipationPlusSelfVocabulary, UserTeamsParticipationVocabulary, SQLObjectVocabularyBase):

Method __getattribute__ Undocumented
Method supportedFilters Undocumented
def toTerm(self, obj):
See IVocabulary.
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