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Module accesspolicy Model classes for pillar and artifact access policies.
Module announcement Database classes for project news and announcement.
Module codeofconduct A module for CodeOfConduct (CoC) related classes.
Module commercialsubscription Implementation classes for a CommercialSubscription.
Module distribution Database classes for implementing distribution items.
Module distributionmirror Module docstring goes here.
Module distributionsourcepackage Classes to represent source packages in a distribution.
Module distroseries Database classes for a distribution series.
Module distroseriesdifference Database classes for a difference between two distribution series.
Module distroseriesdifferencecomment A comment/message for a difference between two distribution series.
Module distroseriesparent Database class for table DistroSeriesParent.
Module featuredproject Database class for Featured Projects.
Module gpgkey Undocumented
Module hasdrivers Common implementations for IHasDrivers.
Module karma No module docstring; 9/9 classes documented
Module mailinglist No module docstring; 5/6 classes documented
Module milestone Milestone model classes.
Module milestonetag Milestonetag model class.
Module nameblacklist Classes for managing the NameBlacklist table.
Module oopsreferences Find OOPS References within the LP database.
Module packaging No module docstring; 2/2 classes documented
Module person Implementation classes for a Person.
Module persondistributionsourcepackage A person's view on a source package in a distribution.
Module personlocation Database class for Person Location.
Module personnotification Person notifications.
Module personproduct A person's view on a product.
Module personroles Class that implements the IPersonRoles interface.
Module persontransferjob Job classes related to PersonTransferJob.
Module pillar Launchpad Pillars share a namespace.
Module pillaraffiliation Adapters to figure out affiliations between people and pillars/bugs etc.
Module poll No module docstring; 8/8 classes documented
Module product Database classes including and related to Product.
Module productjob Jobs classes to update products and send notifications.
Module productlicense Database classes including and related to ProductLicense.
Module productrelease No module docstring; 3/3 classes, 1/1 functions documented
Module productseries Models for IProductSeries.
Module projectgroup Launchpad ProjectGroup-related Database Table Objects.
Module series Common implementations for a series.
Module sharingjob Job classes related to the sharing feature are in here.
Module sourcepackage Database classes that implement SourcePackage items.
Module sourcepackagename No module docstring; 0/2 classes, 1/1 functions documented
Module suitesourcepackage Implementation of ISuiteSourcePackage.
Module teammembership No module docstring; 2/3 classes, 3/3 functions documented
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