l.r.m.persontransferjob : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.model

Job classes related to PersonTransferJob.
Class PersonTransferJob Base class for team membership and person merge jobs.
Class PersonTransferJobDerived Intermediate class for deriving from PersonTransferJob.
Class MembershipNotificationJob A Job that sends notifications about team membership changes.
Class PersonMergeJob A Job that merges one person or team into another.
Class PersonDeactivateJob A Job that deactivates a person.
Class TeamInvitationNotificationJob A Job that sends a notification of an invitation to join a team.
Class TeamJoinNotificationJob A Job that sends a notification of a new member joining a team.
Class ExpiringMembershipNotificationJob A Job that sends a warning about expiring membership.
Class SelfRenewalNotificationJob A Job that sends a notification of a self-renewal.
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