l.r.m.pillaraffiliation : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.model

Adapters to figure out affiliations between people and pillars/bugs etc.

When using a person in a given context, for example as a selection item in a picker used to choose a bug task assignee, it is important to provide an indication as to how that person may be affiliated with the context. Amongst other reasons, this provides a visual cue that the correct person is being selected for example.

The adapters herein are provided for various contexts so that for a given person, the relevant affiliation details may be determined.

Interface IHasAffiliation The affiliation status of a person with a context.
Class PillarAffiliation Default affiliation adapter.
Class BugTaskPillarAffiliation An affiliation adapter for bug tasks.
Class BranchPillarAffiliation An affiliation adapter for branches.
Class CodeReviewVotePillarAffiliation An affiliation adapter for CodeReviewVotes.
Class DistroSeriesPillarAffiliation An affiliation adapter for distroseries.
Class ProductSeriesPillarAffiliation An affiliation adapter for productseries.
Class SpecificationPillarAffiliation An affiliation adapter for blueprints.
Class QuestionPillarAffiliation An affiliation adapter for questions.
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