l.r.m.p.CodeReviewVotePillarAffiliation(BranchPillarAffiliation) : class documentation

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An affiliation adapter for CodeReviewVotes.
Method getPillars Return the target branch'pillar.
Method getBranch Undocumented

Inherited from BranchPillarAffiliation:

Method _getAffiliation Return the affiliation information for a person, if any.

Inherited from BugTaskPillarAffiliation (via BranchPillarAffiliation):

Method _getAffiliationTeamRoles A person is affiliated with a bugtask based on (in order):

Inherited from PillarAffiliation (via BranchPillarAffiliation, BugTaskPillarAffiliation):

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method getIconUrl Undocumented
Method getAffiliationBadges Return the affiliation badge details for people given a context.
def getPillars(self):
Return the target branch'pillar.
def getBranch(self):
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