l.r.enums : module documentation

Part of lp.registry

Enums for the Registry app.
Class SharingPermission Sharing permission.
Class BranchSharingPolicy Undocumented
Class BugSharingPolicy Undocumented
Class SpecificationSharingPolicy Undocumented
Class TeamMembershipRenewalPolicy TeamMembership Renewal Policy.
Class TeamMembershipPolicy Team Membership Policies
Class PersonVisibility The visibility level of person or team objects.
Class DistroSeriesDifferenceStatus Distribution series difference status.
Class DistroSeriesDifferenceType Distribution series difference type.
Class PersonTransferJobType Values that IPersonTransferJob.job_type can take.
Class ProductJobType Values that IProductJob.job_type can take.
Class VCSType Values that IProduct.vcs and IDistribution.vcs can take.
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