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No package docstring
Module distributionmirror_http_server No module docstring; 1/4 classes documented
Module mailinglists_helper Helper functions for testing XML-RPC services.
Module test_accesspolicy Undocumented
Module test_adapters Tests for adapters.
Module test_add_member Test team membership changes.
Module test_codeofconduct Test codes of conduct.
Module test_commercial_subscription Tests for the commercialsubscriptiojn module.
Module test_commercialprojects_vocabularies Test the commercial projects vocabularies.
Module test_distribution Tests for Distribution.
Module test_distributionmirror Undocumented
Module test_distributionmirror_prober distributionmirror-prober tests.
Module test_distributionsourcepackage Tests for DistributionSourcePackage.
Module test_distributionsourcepackage_vocabulary Test the Distribution Source Package vocabulary.
Module test_distro_webservice No module docstring; 3/3 classes documented
Module test_distroseries Tests for distroseries.
Module test_distroseries_vocabularies Tests for distroseries vocabularies in lp.registry.vocabularies.
Module test_distroseriesdifference Model tests for the DistroSeriesDifference class.
Module test_distroseriesdifferencecomment Model tests for the DistroSeriesDifferenceComment class.
Module test_distroseriesparent Tests for DistroSeriesParent model class.
Module test_doc Run the doctests and pagetests.
Module test_doc_project Undocumented
Module test_errors Tests for registry errors.
Module test_gpgkey Tests for GPGKeySet model.
Module test_initderiveddistroseries Test initializing a distroseries using
Module test_karmacache_updater Undocumented
Module test_listteammembers No module docstring; 1/1 classes documented
Module test_mailinglist No module docstring; 6/8 classes documented
Module test_mailinglistapi Unit tests for the private MailingList API.
Module test_membership_notification_job Tests of MembershipNotificationJob.
Module test_milestone Milestone related test helper.
Module test_milestone_vocabularies Test the milestone vocabularies.
Module test_milestonetag Milestone related test helper.
Module test_mlists Test mailing list stuff.
Module test_nameblacklist Test the person_sort_key stored procedure.
Module test_nickname Tests for nickname generation
Module test_notification Test notification classes and functions.
Module test_oopsreferences Tests of the oopsreferences core.
Module test_packaging Tests for the Packaging content class.
Module test_person No module docstring; 2/11 classes, 0/2 functions documented
Module test_person_adaption Tests for person.py.
Module test_person_deactivate_job Tests for PersonDeactivateJob.
Module test_person_merge_job Tests of PersonMergeJob.
Module test_person_sort_key Test the person_sort_key stored procedure and its in-app twin.
Module test_person_vocabularies Test the person vocabularies.
Module test_persondistributionsourcepackage Test the Person/DistributionSourcePackage non-database class.
Module test_personmerge Tests for merge_people.
Module test_personnotification Test the PersonNotification classes.
Module test_personproduct Test the Person/Product non-database class.
Module test_personroles No module docstring; 1/1 classes documented
Module test_personset Tests for PersonSet.
Module test_persontransferjob Tests for PersonTransferJobs.
Module test_pillar Unit tests for methods of PillarName and PillarNameSet.
Module test_pillar_vocabularies Test the pillar vocabularies.
Module test_pillaraffiliation Tests for adapters.
Module test_pillarname_triggers Tests that the PillarName materialized view is being maintained correctly.
Module test_poll Undocumented
Module test_prf_filter Tests for lp.registry.scripts.productreleasefinder.filter.
Module test_prf_finder No module docstring; 1/6 classes documented
Module test_prf_hose Tests for lp.registry.scripts.productreleasefinder.hose.
Module test_prf_log Tests for productreleasefinder.log.
Module test_prf_walker Tests for lp.registry.scripts.productreleasefinder.walker.
Module test_private_team_visibility Tests for visibility of private teams.
Module test_process_job_sources_cronjob Test cron script for processing jobs from any job source class.
Module test_product No module docstring; 11/18 classes, 0/2 functions documented
Module test_product_vocabularies Test the product vocabularies.
Module test_product_webservice No module docstring; 2/2 classes documented
Module test_productjob Tests for ProductJobs.
Module test_productrelease Test product releases and product release set.
Module test_productseries Tests for ProductSeries and ProductSeriesSet.
Module test_productseries_vocabularies Test the milestone vocabularies.
Module test_project_milestone Project Milestone related test helper.
Module test_projectgroup No module docstring; 1/5 classes documented
Module test_projectgroup_vocabulary Test the ProjectGroup vocabulary.
Module test_ro_user Tests for read-only users.
Module test_samplekarma Undocumented
Module test_service_usage No module docstring; 4/6 classes documented
Module test_sharingjob Tests for SharingJobs.
Module test_sourcepackage Unit tests for ISourcePackage implementations.
Module test_sourcepackagename Tests for SourcePackageName
Module test_sourcepackagename_vocabulary Test the source package name vocabularies.
Module test_ssh Tests for SSHKey.
Module test_subscribers Test subscruber classes and functions.
Module test_suitesourcepackage Tests for ISuiteSourcePackage.
Module test_team Tests for PersonSet.
Module test_team_webservice No module docstring; 1/3 classes documented
Module test_teammembership No module docstring; 10/14 classes, 0/1 functions documented
Module test_teammembership_webservice Undocumented
Module test_user_vocabularies Test the user vocabularies.
Module test_xmlrpc Testing registry-related xmlrpc calls.
Module test_yuitests Run YUI.test tests.
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