l.r.t.test_teammembership : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.tests

No module docstring
Class TestTeamMembershipSetScripts Separate Testcase to separate out examples required dbuser switches.
Class TestTeamMembershipSet No class docstring; 2/7 methods documented
Class TeamParticipationTestCase Tests for team participation using 5 teams.
Class TestTeamParticipationQuery A test case for teammembership.test_find_team_participations.
Class TestTeamParticipationHierarchy Participation management tests using 5 nested teams.
Class TestTeamParticipationTree Participation management tests using 5 nested teams
Class TestParticipationCleanup Test deletion of a member from a team with many superteams.
Class TestTeamParticipationMesh Participation management tests using two roots and some duplicated
Class TestTeamMembership No class docstring; 2/2 methods documented
Class TestTeamMembershipSetStatus Test the behaviour of TeamMembership's setStatus().
Class TestTeamMembershipJobs Test jobs associated with managing team membership.
Class TestTeamMembershipSendExpirationWarningEmail Test the behaviour of sendExpirationWarningEmail().
Class TestCheckTeamParticipationScript No class docstring; 6/7 methods documented
Class TestCheckTeamParticipationScriptPerformance No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Function test_suite Undocumented
def test_suite():
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