l.r.t.test_person_vocabularies : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.tests

Test the person vocabularies.
Class VocabularyTestBase Undocumented
Class ValidPersonOrTeamVocabularyMixin Common tests for the ValidPersonOrTeam vocabulary derivatives.
Class TestValidPersonOrTeamVocabulary Test that the ValidPersonOrTeamVocabulary behaves as expected.
Class TestValidPersonOrTeamPreloading Tests for ValidPersonOrTeamVocabulary's preloading behaviour.
Class TestValidPersonOrExclusiveTeamVocabulary Test that the ValidPersonOrExclusiveTeamVocabulary is correct.
Class TeamMemberVocabularyTestBase Undocumented
Class TestValidTeamMemberVocabulary Test that the ValidTeamMemberVocabulary behaves as expected.
Class TestValidTeamOwnerVocabulary Test that the ValidTeamOwnerVocabulary behaves as expected.
Class TestValidPersonVocabulary Test that the ValidPersonVocabulary behaves as expected.
Class TestValidTeamVocabulary Test that the ValidTeamVocabulary behaves as expected.
Class TestNewPillarGranteeVocabulary Test that the NewPillarGranteeVocabulary behaves as expected.
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