l.r.t.test_distribution : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.tests

Tests for Distribution.
Class TestDistribution No class docstring; 2/25 methods documented
Class TestDistributionCurrentSourceReleases Test for Distribution.getCurrentSourceReleases().
Class SeriesByStatusTests Test IDistribution.getSeriesByStatus().
Class SeriesTests Test IDistribution.getSeries() and friends.
Class DerivativesTests Test IDistribution.derivatives.
Class DistroSnapshotTestCase A TestCase for distribution snapshots.
Class TestDistributionPage A TestCase for the distribution page.
Class DistroRegistrantTestCase A TestCase for registrants and owners of a distribution.
Class DistributionSet Test case for IDistributionSet.
Class TestDistributionTranslations A TestCase for accessing distro translations-related attributes.
Class TestWebService Undocumented
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