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The Answers Launchpad Application

This Launchpad application adds support for tracking questions and faqs on projects and distributions.

Module adapters Adapters used in the Answer Tracker.
Package browser No package docstring; 7/7 modules, 0/1 packages documented
Module enums Question enumerations.
Module errors No module docstring; 7/7 classes documented
Package interfaces No package docstring; 12/13 modules documented
Module karma Karma for the Answer Tracker.
Package mail No package docstring; 1/2 modules documented
Package model No package docstring; 7/8 modules, 0/1 packages documented
Module notification Notifications for the Answers system.
Module publisher Answers's custom publication.
Package scripts No package docstring; 1/1 modules documented
Module subscribers Subscribers for IFAQ.
Module testing Helper functions for Answer Tracker tests.
Package tests No package docstring; 10/12 modules documented
Module vocabulary Named vocabularies defined by the Answers application.
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