l.r.b.distroseriesdifference : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.browser

Browser views for DistroSeriesDifferences.
Class DistroSeriesDifferenceNavigation No class docstring; 3/4 methods documented
Interface IDistroSeriesDifferenceForm An interface used in the browser only for displaying form elements.
Class DistroSeriesDifferenceView No class docstring; 13/13 methods documented
Interface IDistroSeriesDifferenceDisplayComment Marker interface.
Class DistroSeriesDifferenceDisplayComment Used simply to provide IComment for rendering.
Function get_message Adapter from IDistroSeriesDifferenceDisplayComment to IMessage.
Class CommentXHTMLRepresentation Render individual comments when requested via the API.
def get_message(comment):
Adapter from IDistroSeriesDifferenceDisplayComment to IMessage.
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