l.r.b.announcement : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.browser

Announcement views.
Class AnnouncementMenuMixin A mixin of links common to many menus.
Class AnnouncementEditNavigationMenu A sub-menu for different aspects of modifying an announcement.
Interface IAnnouncementCreateMenu A marker interface for creation announcement navigation menu.
Class AnnouncementCreateNavigationMenu A sub-menu for different aspects of modifying an announcement.
Class AnnouncementFormMixin A mixin to provide the common form features.
Interface AddAnnouncementForm Form definition for the view which creates new Announcements.
Class AnnouncementAddView A view for creating a new Announcement.
Class AnnouncementEditView A view which allows you to edit the announcement.
Interface AnnouncementRetargetForm Form that requires the user to choose a pillar for the Announcement.
Class AnnouncementRetargetView A view to move an annoucement to another project.
Class AnnouncementPublishView A view to publish an annoucement.
Class AnnouncementRetractView A view to unpublish an announcement.
Class AnnouncementDeleteView A view to delete an annoucement.
Class HasAnnouncementsView A view class for pillars which have announcements.
Class AnnouncementSetView View a list of announcements.
Class AnnouncementView A view class for a single announcement.
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