l.r.b.product : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.browser

Browser views for products.
Class ProductNavigation Undocumented
Class ProductSetNavigation Undocumented
Class ProductLicenseMixin Adds licence validation and requests reviews of licences.
Class ProductFacets The links that will appear in the facet menu for an IProduct.
Class ProductInvolvementView Encourage configuration of involvement links for projects.
Class ProductNavigationMenu Undocumented
Class ProductEditLinksMixin A mixin class for menus that need Product edit links.
Interface IProductEditMenu A marker interface for the 'Change details' navigation menu.
Interface IProductActionMenu A marker interface for the global action navigation menu.
Class ProductActionNavigationMenu A sub-menu for acting upon a Product.
Class ProductOverviewMenu No class docstring; 1/11 methods documented
Class ProductBugsMenu Undocumented
Class ProductSpecificationsMenu Undocumented
Class ProductSetBreadcrumb Return a breadcrumb for an IProductSet.
Class SortSeriesMixin Provide access to helpers for series.
Class ProductWithSeries A decorated product that includes series data.
Class DecoratedSeries A decorated series that includes helper attributes for templates.
Class SeriesWithReleases A decorated series that includes releases.
Class ReleaseWithFiles A decorated release that includes product release files.
Class ProductDownloadFileMixin Provides methods for managing download files.
Class ProductView No class docstring; 6/24 methods documented
Class ProductPackagesView View for displaying product packaging
Class ProductPackagesPortletView View class for product packaging portlet.
Class SeriesReleasePair Class for holding a series and release.
Class ProductDownloadFilesView View class for the product's file downloads page.
Class ProductBrandingView A view to set branding.
Class ProductConfigureBase Undocumented
Class ProductConfigureBlueprintsView View class to configure the Launchpad Blueprints for a project.
Class ProductConfigureAnswersView View class to configure the Launchpad Answers for a project.
Class ProductEditView View class that lets you edit a Product object.
Class ProductValidationMixin No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class ProductAdminView View for $project/+admin
Class ProductReviewLicenseView A view to review a project and change project privileges.
Class ProductAddSeriesView A form to add new product series
Class ProductSeriesSetView A view for showing a product's series.
Interface SetBranchForm The fields presented on the form for setting a branch.
Class ProductSetBranchView The view to set a branch default for the Product.
Class ProductRdfView A view that sets its mime-type to application/rdf+xml
Class ProductSetNavigationMenu Action menu for products index.
Class ProductSetView View for products index page.
Class ProductSetReviewLicensesView View for searching products to be reviewed.
Function create_source_package_fields Undocumented
Class ProjectAddStepOne product/+new view class for creating a new project.
Class ProjectAddStepTwo Step 2 (of 2) in the +new project add wizard.
Class ProductAddView The controlling view for product/+new.
Interface IProductEditPeopleSchema Defines the fields for the edit form.
Class ProductEditPeopleView Enable editing of important people on the project.
Function _cmp_distros Put Ubuntu first, otherwise in alpha order.
def _cmp_distros(a, b):
Put Ubuntu first, otherwise in alpha order.
def create_source_package_fields():
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