l.r.b.p.ProductSpecificationsMenu(NavigationMenu, ProductEditLinksMixin, HasSpecificationsMenuMixin) : class documentation

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Inherited from ProductEditLinksMixin:

Method edit Undocumented
Method configure_bugtracker Undocumented
Method configure_translations Undocumented
Method configure_answers Undocumented
Method configure_blueprints Undocumented
Method branding Undocumented
Method reassign Undocumented
Method review_license Undocumented
Method administer Undocumented
Method sharing Undocumented

Inherited from StructuralSubscriptionMenuMixin (via ProductEditLinksMixin):

Method subscribe The subscribe menu link.
Method subscribe_to_bug_mail Undocumented
Method edit_bug_mail Undocumented
Method _getSST Undocumented
Method _enabled Should the link be enabled?

Inherited from HasSpecificationsMenuMixin:

Method listall Return a link to show all blueprints.
Method listaccepted Return a link to show the approved goals.
Method listproposed Return a link to show the proposed goals.
Method listdeclined Return a link to show the declined goals.
Method doc Undocumented
Method setgoals Return a link to set the series goals.
Method assignments Return a link to show the people assigned to the blueprint.
Method new Return a link to register a blueprint.
Method register_sprint Undocumented
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