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View classes related to IDistroSeries.
Function get_dsd_source For convenience: the IDistroSeriesDifferenceSource utility.
Class DistroSeriesNavigation No class docstring; 1/7 methods documented
Class DistroSeriesBreadcrumb Builds a breadcrumb for an IDistroSeries.
Class DistroSeriesOverviewMenu Undocumented
Class DistroSeriesBugsMenu Undocumented
Class DistroSeriesSpecificationsMenu Undocumented
Class DistroSeriesPackageSearchView Customised PackageSearchView for DistroSeries
Class SeriesStatusMixin A mixin that provides status field support.
Class DerivedDistroSeriesMixin Undocumented
Function word_differences_count Express "count differences" in words.
Class DistroSeriesView No class docstring; 12/23 methods documented
Class DistroSeriesEditView View class that lets you edit a DistroSeries object.
Class DistroSeriesAdminView View class for administering a DistroSeries object.
Interface IDistroSeriesAddForm Undocumented
Class DistroSeriesAddView A view to create an IDistroSeries.
Function seriesToVocab Undocumented
Interface EmptySchema Undocumented
Class DistroSeriesInitializeView A view to initialize an IDistroSeries.
Class DistroSeriesPackagesView A View to show series package to upstream package relationships.
Function make_package_type_vocabulary Undocumented
Class DistroSeriesNeedsPackagesView A View to show series package to upstream package relationships.
Interface IDifferencesFormSchema No interface docstring; 0/1 choices, 1/1 lists, 0/1 textlines documented
Class DistroSeriesDifferenceBaseView Base class for all pages presenting differences between
Class DistroSeriesLocalDifferencesView Present differences of type DIFFERENT_VERSIONS between
Class DistroSeriesMissingPackagesView Present differences of type MISSING_FROM_DERIVED_SERIES between
Class DistroSeriesUniquePackagesView Present differences of type UNIQUE_TO_DERIVED_SERIES between
def get_dsd_source():
For convenience: the IDistroSeriesDifferenceSource utility.
def word_differences_count(count):
Express "count differences" in words.

For example, "1 package", or "2 packages" and so on.

def seriesToVocab(series):
def make_package_type_vocabulary(parent_name, higher_version_option=False):
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