l.r.b.d.DistroSeriesAdminView(LaunchpadEditFormView, SeriesStatusMixin) : class documentation

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View class for administering a DistroSeries object.

It redirects to the main distroseries page after a successful edit.

Method label See LaunchpadFormView.
Method page_title The page title.
Method cancel_url See LaunchpadFormView.
Method setUpFields Override LaunchpadFormView.
Method change_action Update the context and redirects to its overviw page.

Inherited from LaunchpadEditFormView:

Method updateContextFromData Update the context object based on form data.

Inherited from LaunchpadFormView (via LaunchpadEditFormView):

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method initialize Undocumented
Method render Return the body of the response.
Method extendFields Allow subclasses to extend the form fields.
Method setUpWidgets Set up the widgets using the view's form fields and the context.
Method help_links Dictionary mapping field names to help links.
Method adapters Provide custom adapters for use when setting up the widgets.
Method action_url Set the default action URL for the form.
Method has_available_actions Does the view have any available actions that will render?
Method initial_values Override this in your subclass if you want any widgets to have
Method addError Add a form wide error.
Method getFieldError Get the error associated with a particular field.
Method setFieldError Set the error associated with a particular field.
Static Method validate_none Do not do any validation.
Method validate_widgets Validate the named form widgets.
Method error_count Undocumented
Method ajax_failure_handler Called by the form if validate() finds any errors.
Method validate Validate the form.
Method validate_cancel Noop validation in case we cancel.
Method focusedElementScript Helper function to construct the script element content.
Method isSingleLineLayout Undocumented
Method isMultiLineLayout Undocumented
Method isCheckBoxLayout Undocumented
Method showOptionalMarker Should the (Optional) marker be shown?
Method _processNotifications Add any notification messages to the response headers.
Method _abort Abort the form edit.
Method _validate Check all widgets and perform any custom validation.

Inherited from SeriesStatusMixin:

Method createStatusField Create the 'status' field.
Method updateDateReleased Update the datereleased field if the status is set to CURRENT.
def label(self):
See LaunchpadFormView.
def page_title(self):
The page title.
def cancel_url(self):
See LaunchpadFormView.
def setUpFields(self):
Override LaunchpadFormView.

In addition to setting schema fields, also initialize the 'status' field. See createStatusField method.

def change_action(self, action, data):
Update the context and redirects to its overviw page.

Also, set 'datereleased' when a unstable distroseries is made CURRENT.

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