l.r.b.poll : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.browser

No module docstring
Class PollEditLinksMixin Undocumented
Class PollOverviewMenu Undocumented
Interface IPollEditMenu A marker interface for the edit navigation menu.
Class PollEditNavigationMenu Undocumented
Interface IPollActionMenu A marker interface for the action menu.
Class PollActionNavigationMenu Undocumented
Class PollNavigation Undocumented
Class BasePollView A base view class to be used in other poll views.
Class PollBreadcrumb Breadcrumb for polls.
Class PollView A view class to display the results of a poll.
Class PollVoteView A view class to where the user can vote on a poll.
Class PollAddView The view class to create a new poll in a given team.
Class PollEditView No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
Class PollOptionEditView Edit one of a poll's options.
Class PollOptionAddView Create a new option in a given poll.
Class TeamPollsView Undocumented
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