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Person-related view classes.
Class PersonBreadcrumb Undocumented
Class RestrictedMembershipsPersonView Secure access to team membership information for a person.
Class BranchTraversalMixin Logic for traversing to branches from `IPerson`s.
Class PersonNavigation No class docstring; 8/10 methods documented
Class PersonSetNavigation Undocumented
Class PersonSetContextMenu Undocumented
Class PersonFacets The links that will appear in the facet menu for an IPerson.
Class CommonMenuLinks No class docstring; 1/11 methods documented
Class PersonMenuMixin Undocumented
Class PersonOverviewMenu Undocumented
Interface IPersonEditMenu A marker interface for the 'Edit Profile' navigation menu.
Interface IPersonRelatedSoftwareMenu A marker interface for the 'Related software' navigation menu.
Class PPANavigationMenuMixIn PPA-related navigation menu links for Person and Team pages.
Class PersonRelatedSoftwareNavigationMenu No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class PersonEditNavigationMenu A sub-menu for different aspects of editing a Person's profile.
Class PersonSetActionNavigationMenu Action menu for PeopleSearchView.
Class PeopleSearchView Search for people and teams on the /people page.
Interface DeactivateAccountSchema Undocumented
Class PersonDeactivateAccountView No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
Class BeginTeamClaimView Where you can claim an unvalidated profile turning it into a team.
Class RedirectToEditLanguagesView Redirect the logged in user to their +editlanguages page.
Class PersonWithKeysAndPreferredEmail A decorated person that includes GPG keys and preferred emails.
Class PersonRdfView A view that embeds PersonRdfContentsView in a standalone page.
Class PersonRdfContentsView A view for the contents of Person FOAF RDF.
Class PersonRenameFormMixin No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class PersonAdministerView Administer an IPerson.
Interface IAccountAdministerSchema Undocumented
Class PersonAccountAdministerView Administer an IAccount belonging to an IPerson.
Class PersonVouchersView Form for displaying and redeeming commercial subscription vouchers.
Class PersonLanguagesView Edit preferred languages for a person or team.
Class PersonKarmaView A view class used for ~person/+karma.
Class ContactViaWebLinksMixin No class docstring; 3/3 methods documented
Class PersonView A View class used in almost all Person's pages.
Class PersonParticipationView View for the ~person/+participation page.
Class EmailAddressVisibleState The state of a person's email addresses w.r.t. the logged in user.
Class PersonIndexView View class for person +index and +xrds pages.
Class PersonCodeOfConductEditView View for the ~person/+codesofconduct pages.
Class PersonEditIRCNicknamesView No class docstring; 1/3 methods documented
Class PersonEditJabberIDsView No class docstring; 2/5 methods documented
Class PersonEditSSHKeysView Undocumented
Class PersonGPGView View for the GPG-related actions for a Person
Class BasePersonEditView Undocumented
Class PersonEditView The Person 'Edit' page.
Class PersonBrandingView Undocumented
Class PersonEditEmailsView A view for editing a person's email settings.
Class PersonEditMailingListsView A view for editing a person's mailing list subscriptions.
Class BaseWithStats An ISourcePackageRelease or a ISourcePackagePublishingHistory,
Class SourcePackageReleaseWithStats An ISourcePackageRelease, with extra stats added.
Class SourcePackagePublishingHistoryWithStats An ISourcePackagePublishingHistory, with extra stats added.
Class PersonRelatedSoftwareView View for +related-packages.
Class PersonMaintainedPackagesView View for +maintained-packages.
Class PersonUploadedPackagesView View for +uploaded-packages.
Class PersonPPAPackagesView View for +ppa-packages.
Class PersonSynchronisedPackagesView View for +synchronised-packages.
Class PersonRelatedProjectsView View for +related-projects.
Class PersonOwnedTeamsView View for +owned-teams.
Class PersonOAuthTokensView Where users can see/revoke their non-expired access tokens.
Interface PersonTimeZoneForm No interface docstring; 1/1 choices documented
Class PersonEditTimeZoneView Edit a person's time zone.
Function archive_to_person Adapts an IArchive to an IPerson.
Interface IEmailToPerson Schema for contacting a user via email through Launchpad.
Class ContactViaWebNotificationRecipientSet A set of notification recipients and rationales from ContactViaWeb.
Class EmailToPersonView The 'Contact this user' page.
Interface IPersonIndexMenu A marker interface for the +index navigation menu.
Class PersonIndexMenu Undocumented
Class PersonXHTMLRepresentation No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
def archive_to_person(archive):
Adapts an IArchive to an IPerson.
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