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Part of lp.registry.browser

View classes for IProductSeries.
Class ProductSeriesNavigation A class to navigate IProductSeries URLs.
Class ProductSeriesBreadcrumb Builds a breadcrumb for an IProductSeries.
Interface IProductSeriesInvolved A marker interface for getting involved.
Class ProductSeriesInvolvedMenu The get involved menu.
Class ProductSeriesInvolvementView Encourage configuration of involvement links for project series.
Class ProductSeriesOverviewMenu The overview menu.
Class ProductSeriesBugsMenu The bugs menu.
Class ProductSeriesSpecificationsMenu Specs menu for ProductSeries.
Class ProductSeriesOverviewNavigationMenu Overview navigation menus for IProductSeries objects.
Function get_series_branch_error Check if the given branch is suitable for the given product.
Class ProductSeriesView A view to show a series with translations.
Class ProductSeriesDetailedDisplayView Undocumented
Interface IPackagingForm Undocumented
Class ProductSeriesUbuntuPackagingView No class docstring; 7/10 methods documented
Class ProductSeriesEditView A View to edit the attributes of a series.
Class ProductSeriesDeleteView A view to remove a productseries from a product.
Class ProductSeriesSetBranchView The view to set a branch for the ProductSeries.
Class ProductSeriesReviewView A view to review and change the series IProduct and name.
Class ProductSeriesRdfView A view that sets its mime-type to application/rdf+xml
Class ProductSeriesFileBugRedirect Redirect to the product's +filebug page.
def get_series_branch_error(product, branch):
Check if the given branch is suitable for the given product.

Returns an HTML error message on error, and None otherwise.

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