l.r.b.p.ProductSeriesSetBranchView(ProductSetBranchView, ProductSeriesView) : class documentation

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The view to set a branch for the ProductSeries.
Method series Undocumented
Method target The branch target for the context.
Method add_update_notification Undocumented

Inherited from ProductSetBranchView:

Method initial_values Override this in your subclass if you want any widgets to have
Method git_ssh_url Undocumented
Method next_url Return the next_url.
Method setUpFields See LaunchpadFormView.
Method setUpWidgets See LaunchpadFormView.
Method validate_widgets See LaunchpadFormView.
Method validate See LaunchpadFormView.
Method abort_update Abort transaction.
Method update_action Undocumented
Method _validateLinkLpBzr Validate data for link-lp bzr case.
Method _validateLinkLpGit Validate data for link-lp git case.
Method _validateImportExternalBzr Validate data for import-external bzr case.
Method _validateImportExternalGit Validate data for import-external git case.
Method _setRequired Mark the widget field as optional.
Method _validSchemes Return the valid schemes for the repository URL.

Inherited from ReturnToReferrerMixin (via ProductSetBranchView):

Method _return_attribute_name Undocumented
Method _return_attribute_value Undocumented
Method _return_url See LaunchpadFormView.

Inherited from LaunchpadFormView (via ProductSetBranchView):

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method initialize Undocumented
Method render Return the body of the response.
Method extendFields Allow subclasses to extend the form fields.
Method help_links Dictionary mapping field names to help links.
Method adapters Provide custom adapters for use when setting up the widgets.
Method action_url Set the default action URL for the form.
Method has_available_actions Does the view have any available actions that will render?
Method addError Add a form wide error.
Method getFieldError Get the error associated with a particular field.
Method setFieldError Set the error associated with a particular field.
Static Method validate_none Do not do any validation.
Method error_count Undocumented
Method ajax_failure_handler Called by the form if validate() finds any errors.
Method validate_cancel Noop validation in case we cancel.
Method focusedElementScript Helper function to construct the script element content.
Method isSingleLineLayout Undocumented
Method isMultiLineLayout Undocumented
Method isCheckBoxLayout Undocumented
Method showOptionalMarker Should the (Optional) marker be shown?
Method _processNotifications Add any notification messages to the response headers.
Method _abort Abort the form edit.
Method _validate Check all widgets and perform any custom validation.

Inherited from ProductView (via ProductSetBranchView):

Method maintainer_widget Undocumented
Method driver_widget Undocumented
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method initialize Undocumented
Method page_title Undocumented
Method page_description Undocumented
Method show_license_status Undocumented
Method sourceforge_url Undocumented
Method has_external_links Undocumented
Method external_links The project's external links.
Method should_display_homepage Undocumented
Method requestCountry Undocumented
Method golang_import_spec Meta string for golang remote import path.
Method browserLanguages Undocumented
Method getClosedBugsURL Undocumented
Method can_purchase_subscription Undocumented
Method effective_driver Return the product driver or the project group driver.
Method show_commercial_subscription_info Should subscription information be shown?
Method show_license_info Should the view show the extra licence information.
Method is_proprietary Is the project proprietary.
Method active_widget Undocumented
Method project_reviewed_widget Undocumented
Method license_approved_widget Undocumented
Method code_trunk Undocumented

Inherited from HasAnnouncementsView (via ProductSetBranchView, ProductView):

Method feed_url Undocumented
Method announcements Undocumented
Method latest_announcements Undocumented
Method has_announcements Undocumented
Method show_announcements Undocumented
Method announcement_nav Undocumented

Inherited from FeedsMixin (via ProductSetBranchView, ProductView, HasAnnouncementsView):

Method feed_links Undocumented

Inherited from SortSeriesMixin (via ProductSetBranchView, ProductView):

Method sorted_series_list Return a sorted list of series.
Method sorted_active_series_list Like sorted_series_list() but filters out OBSOLETE series.
Method _sorted_filtered_list Return a sorted, filtered list of series.

Inherited from FeedsMixin (via ProductSetBranchView, ProductView):

Method feed_links Undocumented

Inherited from ProductDownloadFileMixin (via ProductSetBranchView, ProductView):

Method product Product with all series, release and file data cached.
Method deleteFiles Delete the selected files from the set of releases.
Method getReleases Find the releases with download files for view.
Method processDeleteFiles If the 'delete_files' button was pressed, process the deletions.
Method latest_release_with_download_files Return the latest release with download files.
Method has_download_files Undocumented

Inherited from CodeImportNameValidationMixin (via ProductSetBranchView):

Method _setBranchExists Undocumented

Inherited from ProductSeriesView:

Method initialize Undocumented
Method page_title Return the HTML page title.
Method requestCountry The country associated with the IP of the request.
Method golang_import_spec Meta string for golang remote import path.
Method browserLanguages The languages the user's browser requested.
Method request_import_link A link to the page for requesting a new code import.
Method user_branch_visible Can the logged in user see the user branch.
Method long_bzr_identity The bzr identity of the branch including the unique_name.
Method is_obsolete Return True if the series is OBSOLETE.
Method bugtask_status_counts A list StatusCounts summarising the targeted bugtasks.
Method specification_status_counts A list StatusCounts summarising the targeted specification.
Method latest_release_with_download_files Undocumented
Method milestone_batch_navigator Undocumented

Inherited from MilestoneOverlayMixin (via ProductSeriesView):

Method milestone_form_uri URI for form displayed by the formoverlay widget.
Method series_api_uri The series URL for API access.
Method milestone_table_class The milestone table will be hidden if there are no milestones.
Method milestone_row_uri_template Undocumented
Method register_milestone_script Return the script to enable milestone creation via AJAX.

Inherited from InformationTypePortletMixin (via ProductSeriesView):

Method information_type Undocumented
Method information_type_description Undocumented
Method information_type_css Undocumented
Method privacy_portlet_css Undocumented
Method _getContext Undocumented
def series(self):
def target(self):
The branch target for the context.
def add_update_notification(self):
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