l.r.b.p.ProductSeriesDetailedDisplayView(ProductSeriesView) : class documentation

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Method latest_milestones Undocumented
Method latest_releases Undocumented

Inherited from ProductSeriesView:

Method initialize Undocumented
Method page_title Return the HTML page title.
Method requestCountry The country associated with the IP of the request.
Method golang_import_spec Meta string for golang remote import path.
Method browserLanguages The languages the user's browser requested.
Method request_import_link A link to the page for requesting a new code import.
Method user_branch_visible Can the logged in user see the user branch.
Method long_bzr_identity The bzr identity of the branch including the unique_name.
Method is_obsolete Return True if the series is OBSOLETE.
Method bugtask_status_counts A list StatusCounts summarising the targeted bugtasks.
Method specification_status_counts A list StatusCounts summarising the targeted specification.
Method latest_release_with_download_files Undocumented
Method milestone_batch_navigator Undocumented

Inherited from MilestoneOverlayMixin (via ProductSeriesView):

Method milestone_form_uri URI for form displayed by the formoverlay widget.
Method series_api_uri The series URL for API access.
Method milestone_table_class The milestone table will be hidden if there are no milestones.
Method milestone_row_uri_template Undocumented
Method register_milestone_script Return the script to enable milestone creation via AJAX.

Inherited from InformationTypePortletMixin (via ProductSeriesView):

Method information_type Undocumented
Method information_type_description Undocumented
Method information_type_css Undocumented
Method privacy_portlet_css Undocumented
Method _getContext Undocumented
def latest_milestones(self):
def latest_releases(self):
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