l.r.b.codeofconduct : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.browser

View classes to handle signed Codes of Conduct.
Class SignedCodeOfConductSetNavigation Undocumented
Class CodeOfConductSetNavigation Undocumented
Class CodeOfConductOverviewMenu Undocumented
Class CodeOfConductSetOverviewMenu Undocumented
Class SignedCodeOfConductSetOverviewMenu Undocumented
Class SignedCodeOfConductOverviewMenu Undocumented
Class CodeOfConductView Simple view class for CoC page.
Class CodeOfConductDownloadView Download view class for CoC page.
Class CodeOfConductSetView Simple view class for CoCSet page.
Class SignedCodeOfConductAddView Add a new SignedCodeOfConduct Entry.
Class SignedCodeOfConductAckView Acknowledge a Paper Submitted CoC.
Class SignedCodeOfConductView Simple view class for SignedCoC page.
Class SignedCodeOfConductAdminView Admin Console for SignedCodeOfConduct Entries.
Class SignedCodeOfConductActiveView Active a SignedCodeOfConduct Entry.
Class SignedCodeOfConductDeactiveView Deactivate a SignedCodeOfConduct Entry.
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