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Class TeamPrivacyAdapter Provides IObjectPrivacy for ITeam.
Class TeamBadges Provides IHasBadges for ITeam.
Class HasRenewalPolicyMixin Mixin to be used on forms which contain ITeam.renewal_policy.
Class TeamFormMixin Form to be used on forms which conditionally display team visibility.
Class TeamEditView View for editing team details.
Class TeamAdministerView A view to administer teams on behalf of users.
Function generateTokenAndValidationEmail Send a validation message to the given email.
Class MailingListTeamBaseView A base view for manipulating a team's mailing list.
Class TeamContactAddressView A view for manipulating the team's contact address.
Class TeamMailingListConfigurationView A view for creating and configuring a team's mailing list.
Class TeamMailingListSubscribersView The list of people subscribed to a team's mailing list.
Class TeamMailingListModerationView A view for moderating the held messages of a mailing list.
Class TeamMailingListArchiveView Undocumented
Class TeamAddView View for adding a new team.
Class SimpleTeamAddView View for adding a new team using a Javascript form.
Class ProposedTeamMembersEditView Undocumented
Class TeamBrandingView Undocumented
Interface ITeamMember The interface used in the form to add a new member to a team.
Class TeamMemberAddView No class docstring; 2/4 methods documented
Class TeamNavigation Undocumented
Class TeamBreadcrumb Builds a breadcrumb for an ITeam.
Class TeamMembershipSelfRenewalView No class docstring; 1/7 methods documented
Interface ITeamMembershipInvitationAcknowledgementForm Schema for the form in which team admins acknowledge invitations.
Class TeamInvitationView Where team admins can accept/decline membership invitations.
Class TeamMenuMixin Base class of team menus.
Class TeamOverviewMenu Undocumented
Class TeamOverviewNavigationMenu A top-level menu for navigation within a Team.
Class TeamMembershipView The view behind ITeam/+members.
Class TeamIndexView The view class for the +index page.
Interface TeamJoinForm Schema for team join.
Class TeamJoinView A view class for joining a team.
Class TeamAddMyTeamsView Propose/add to this team any team that you're an administrator of.
Class TeamLeaveView Undocumented
Class TeamReassignmentView No class docstring; 2/5 methods documented
Interface ITeamIndexMenu A marker interface for the +index navigation menu.
Interface ITeamEditMenu A marker interface for the edit navigation menu.
Class TeamNavigationMenuBase No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class TeamIndexMenu A menu for different aspects of editing a team.
Class TeamEditMenu A menu for different aspects of editing a team.
Class TeamMugshotView A view for the team mugshot (team photo) page
def generateTokenAndValidationEmail(email, team):
Send a validation message to the given email.
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