l.r.b.t.HasRenewalPolicyMixin : class documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.registry.browser.team.TeamAddView, lp.registry.browser.team.TeamEditView, lp.services.verification.browser.logintoken.ClaimTeamView

Mixin to be used on forms which contain ITeam.renewal_policy.

This mixin will short-circuit Launchpad*FormView when defining whether the renewal_policy widget should be displayed in a single or multi-line layout. We need that because that field has a very long title, thus breaking the page layout.

Since this mixin short-circuits Launchpad*FormView in some cases, it must always precede Launchpad*FormView in the inheritance list.

Method isMultiLineLayout Undocumented
Method isSingleLineLayout Undocumented
def isMultiLineLayout(self, field_name):
def isSingleLineLayout(self, field_name):
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