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Part of lp.registry.browser

No package docstring
Module test_announcements Tests for +announcement views.
Module test_branding Tests for Branding.
Module test_breadcrumbs No module docstring; 6/6 classes documented
Module test_codeofconduct Tests for Code of Conduct views.
Module test_commercialsubscription Test views that manage commercial subscriptions.
Module test_distribution Tests for Distribution page.
Module test_distribution_views No module docstring; 6/11 classes documented
Module test_distributionsourcepackage Test distributionsourcepackage views.
Module test_distroseries Tests for lp.registry.browser.distroseries.
Module test_distroseries_webservice Undocumented
Module test_distroseriesdifference_views Unit tests for the DistroSeriesDifference views.
Module test_distroseriesdifference_webservice Undocumented
Module test_distroseriesdifferencecomment Tests for lp.registry.browser.distroseriesdifferencecomment.
Module test_edit_permissions Test harness for edit view permissions unit tests.
Module test_gpgkey Tests for GPG key on the web.
Module test_mailinglists Test harness for mailinglist views unit tests.
Module test_milestone Test milestone views.
Module test_milestonetag Test projectmilestone tag views.
Module test_packaging Browser tests for Packaging actions.
Module test_peoplemerge Test the peoplemerge browser module.
Module test_person No module docstring; 20/28 classes documented
Module test_person_contact Test views and helpers related to the contact person feature.
Module test_person_webservice Undocumented
Module test_pillar_sharing Test views that manage sharing.
Module test_poll Tests for IPoll views.
Module test_product Tests for product views.
Module test_productrelease View tests for ProductRelease pages.
Module test_productseries_views View tests for ProductSeries pages.
Module test_projectgroup Tests for project group views.
Module test_rdf Tests for RDF main views.
Module test_reassign_team_view Tests for TeamReassignmentView view code.
Module test_sourcepackage_views Tests for SourcePackage view code.
Module test_sshkey Tests for GPG key on the web.
Module test_subscription_links Tests for subscription links.
Module test_team No module docstring; 1/12 classes documented
Module test_team_activate_ppa Undocumented
Module test_teammembership Undocumented
Module test_views Run the view tests.
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