l.r.b.milestone : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.browser

Milestone views.
Class MilestoneSetNavigation The navigation to traverse to milestones.
Class MilestoneNavigation The navigation to traverse to a milestone.
Class MilestoneBreadcrumb The Breadcrumb for an IMilestoneData.
Class MilestoneLinkMixin The menu for this milestone.
Class MilestoneContextMenu The menu for this milestone.
Class MilestoneOverviewNavigationMenu Overview navigation menu for IAbstractMilestone objects.
Class MilestoneOverviewMenu Overview menus for IMilestone objects.
Interface IMilestoneInline A marker interface for views that show a milestone inline.
Class MilestoneInlineNavigationMenu An inline navigation menus for milestone views.
Class MilestoneViewMixin Common methods shared between MilestoneView and MilestoneTagView.
Class MilestoneView A View for listing milestones and releases.
Class MilestoneWithoutCountsView Show a milestone in a list of milestones.
Class MilestoneTagBase No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class MilestoneAddView A view for creating a new Milestone.
Class MilestoneEditView A view for editing milestone properties.
Class MilestoneDeleteView A view for deleting an IMilestone.
Interface ISearchMilestoneTagsForm Schema for the search milestone tags form.
Class MilestoneTagView A View for listing bugtasks and specification for milestone tags.
Class ObjectMilestonesView A view for listing the milestones for any IHasMilestones object
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