l.r.b.distribution : module documentation

Part of lp.registry.browser

Browser views for distributions.
Class DistributionNavigation Undocumented
Class DistributionSetNavigation Undocumented
Class DistributionFacets Undocumented
Class DistributionSetBreadcrumb Builds a breadcrumb for an IDistributionSet.
Class DistributionSetContextMenu Undocumented
Class DistributionMirrorsNavigationMenu No class docstring; 2/8 methods documented
Class DistributionLinksMixin A mixin to provide common links to menus.
Class DistributionNavigationMenu A menu of context actions.
Class DistributionOverviewMenu No class docstring; 1/25 methods documented
Class DistributionBugsMenu Undocumented
Class DistributionSpecificationsMenu Undocumented
Class DistributionPackageSearchView Customised PackageSearchView for Distribution
Class DistributionView Default Distribution view class.
Class DistributionArchivesView No class docstring; 2/3 methods documented
Class DistributionPPASearchView Search PPAs belonging to the Distribution in question.
Class DistributionSetActionNavigationMenu Action menu for DistributionSetView.
Class DistributionSetView View for /distros top level collection.
Class RequireVirtualizedBuildersMixin A mixin that provides require_virtualized field support
Class DistributionAddView No class docstring; 3/5 methods documented
Class DistributionEditView No class docstring; 3/6 methods documented
Class DistributionAdminView No class docstring; 1/3 methods documented
Class DistributionSeriesBaseView A base view to list distroseries.
Class DistributionSeriesView A view to list the distribution series.
Class DistributionDerivativesView A view to list the distribution derivatives.
Class DistributionChangeMirrorAdminView A view to change the mirror administrator.
Class DistributionChangeMembersView A view to change the members team.
Class DistributionCountryArchiveMirrorsView A text/plain page that lists the mirrors in the country of the request.
Class DistributionMirrorsView No class docstring; 2/4 methods documented
Class DistributionArchiveMirrorsView Undocumented
Class DistributionSeriesMirrorsView Undocumented
Class DistributionMirrorsRSSBaseView A base class for RSS feeds of distribution mirrors.
Class DistributionArchiveMirrorsRSSView The RSS feed for archive mirrors.
Class DistributionSeriesMirrorsRSSView The RSS feed for series mirrors.
Class DistributionMirrorsAdminView No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
Class DistributionUnofficialMirrorsView Undocumented
Class DistributionPendingReviewMirrorsView Undocumented
Class DistributionDisabledMirrorsView Undocumented
Class DistributionReassignmentView View class for changing distribution maintainer.
Class DistributionPublisherConfigView View class for configuring publisher options for a DistroSeries.
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