l.r.b.d.DistributionView(PillarViewMixin, HasAnnouncementsView, FeedsMixin) : class documentation

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Default Distribution view class.
Method initialize Undocumented
Method page_title Undocumented
Method maintainer_widget Undocumented
Method driver_widget Undocumented
Method members_widget Undocumented
Method mirror_admin_widget Undocumented
Method linkedMilestonesForSeries Return a string of linkified milestones in the series.
Method latest_derivatives The 5 most recent derivatives.

Inherited from HasAnnouncementsView:

Method feed_url Undocumented
Method announcements Undocumented
Method latest_announcements Undocumented
Method has_announcements Undocumented
Method show_announcements Undocumented
Method announcement_nav Undocumented

Inherited from FeedsMixin (via HasAnnouncementsView):

Method feed_links Undocumented

Inherited from FeedsMixin:

Method feed_links Undocumented
def initialize(self):
def page_title(self):
def maintainer_widget(self):
def driver_widget(self):
def members_widget(self):
def mirror_admin_widget(self):
def linkedMilestonesForSeries(self, series):
Return a string of linkified milestones in the series.
def latest_derivatives(self):
The 5 most recent derivatives.
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