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A Product.

The Launchpad Registry describes the open source world as ProjectGroups and Products. Each ProjectGroup may be responsible for several Products. For example, the Mozilla Project has Firefox, Thunderbird and The Mozilla App Suite as Products, among others.

Attribute drivers Presents the drivers of this project as a list. A list is required because there might be a project driver and also a driver appointed in the overarching project group.

Inherited from IBugTarget:

Attribute bugtargetdisplayname A display name for this bug target
Attribute bugtargetname The target as shown in mail notifications.
Attribute pillar The pillar containing this target.
Bool enable_bugfiling_duplicate_search Undocumented
Method createBug Create a new bug on this target.

Inherited from IHasBugs (via IBugTarget):

Method searchTasks Search the IBugTasks reported on this entity.
Method getBugTaskWeightFunction Return a function that is used to weight the bug tasks.

Inherited from IHasDrivers:

Method personHasDriverRights Does the given person have launchpad.Driver rights on this object?

Inherited from IProductEditRestricted:

Method setBugSharingPolicy Mutator for bug_sharing_policy.
Method setBranchSharingPolicy Mutator for branch_sharing_policy.
Method setSpecificationSharingPolicy Mutator for specification_sharing_policy.
Method checkInformationType Check whether the information type change should be permitted.

Inherited from IOfficialBugTagTargetRestricted (via IProductEditRestricted):

Method addOfficialBugTag Add tag to the official bug tags of this target.
Method removeOfficialBugTag Remove tag from the official bug tags of this target.

Inherited from IProductDriverRestricted:

Method newSeries Creates a new IProductSeries for this IProduct.

Inherited from IProductView:

Text homepage_content The content of this project's home page. Edit this and it will be displayed for all the world to see. It is NOT a wiki so you cannot undo changes.
Bool autoupdate Whether or not this project's attributes are updated automatically.
Attribute sourcepackages List of packages for this product
Attribute distrosourcepackages List of distribution packages for this product
Attribute ubuntu_packages List of distribution packages for this product in Ubuntu
Attribute development_focusID The development focus ID.
Attribute translatable_packages A list of the source packages for this product that can be translated sorted by distroseries.name and sourcepackage.name.
Attribute translatable_series A list of the series of this product for which we have translation templates.
Attribute obsolete_translatable_series A list of the series of this product with obsolete translation
Attribute primary_translatable The best guess we have for what new translators will want to translate for a given product: the latest series for which we have templates, and failing that, an Ubuntu package.
Attribute translationgroups The list of applicable translation groups for a product. There can be several: one from the product, and potentially one from the project, too.
Attribute has_current_commercial_subscription Whether the project has a current commercial subscription.
Attribute license_status Whether the licence is OPENSOURCE, UNREVIEWED, or PROPRIETARY.
Attribute active_or_packaged_series Series that are active and/or have been packaged.
Attribute packagings All the packagings for the project.
Choice inferred_vcs Inferred version control system for this project's code.
Method getAllowedBugInformationTypes Get the information types that a bug in this project can have.
Method getDefaultBugInformationType Get the default information type of a new bug in this project.
Method getVersionSortedSeries Return all the series sorted by the name field as a version.
Method redeemSubscriptionVoucher Redeem a voucher and extend the subscription expiration date.
Method getPackage Return a package in that distroseries for this product.
Method getSeries Return the series for this product for the given name, or None.
Method getRelease Return the release for this product that has the version given.
Method getMilestonesAndReleases Return all the milestones and releases for this product.
Method packagedInDistros Returns the distributions this product has been packaged in.
Method userCanEdit Can the user edit this product?
Method getLinkedBugWatches Return all the bug watches that are linked to this Product.
Method getTimeline Return basic timeline data useful for creating a diagram.

Inherited from ICanGetMilestonesDirectly (via IProductView):

Method getMilestone Return a milestone with the given name for this object, or None.

Inherited from IHasAppointedDriver (via IProductView):

Choice driver Undocumented

Inherited from IHasBranches (via IProductView):

Method getBranches Returns all branches with the given lifecycle status.

Inherited from IHasExternalBugTracker (via IProductView):

Method getExternalBugTracker Return the external bug tracker used by this bug tracker.

Inherited from IHasMergeProposals (via IProductView):

Method getMergeProposals Returns all merge proposals of a given status.

Inherited from IHasMilestones (via IProductView):

Bool has_milestones Undocumented

Inherited from IHasMugshot (via IProductView):

Attribute mugshot The 192x192 mugshot.

Inherited from IHasSprints (via IProductView):

Attribute coming_sprints A list of up to 5 events currently on, or soon to be on, that are relevant to this context.
Attribute sprints All sprints relevant to this context.
Attribute past_sprints Sprints that occured in the past.

Inherited from IHasTranslationImports (via IProductView):

Method getFirstEntryToImport Return the first entry of the queue ready to be imported.
Method getTranslationImportQueueEntries Return entries in the translation import queue for this entity.

Inherited from ITranslationPolicy (via IProductView):

Method getTranslationGroups List all applicable translation groups.
Method getTranslators Find the applicable `TranslationGroup`(s) and translators.
Method getEffectiveTranslationPermission Get the effective TranslationPermission.
Method invitesTranslationEdits Does this policy invite person to edit translations?
Method invitesTranslationSuggestions Does this policy invite person to enter suggestions?
Method allowsTranslationEdits Is person allowed to edit translations to language?
Method allowsTranslationSuggestions Is person allowed to enter suggestions for language?
Method sharesTranslationsWithOtherSide Should translations be shared across `TranslationSide`s?

Inherited from IKarmaContext (via IProductView):

Method getTopContributorsGroupedByCategory Return a dict mapping categories to the top contributors (and their
Method getTopContributors Return the people with the highest amount of Karma, and their

Inherited from IMakesAnnouncements (via IProductView):

Method announce Create a Announcement for this project.

Inherited from IHasAnnouncements (via IProductView, IMakesAnnouncements):

Method getAnnouncement Return the requested announcement.
Method getAnnouncements Return a list of announcements visible to this user.

Inherited from IHasOfficialBugTags (via IProductView, IOfficialBugTagTargetPublic):

Method getUsedBugTagsWithOpenCounts Return name and bug count of tags having open bugs.
Method _getOfficialTagClause Get the storm clause for finding this targets tags.

Inherited from IHasOOPSReferences (via IProductView):

Method findReferencedOOPS Find OOPS reports between start_date and end_date.

Inherited from IHasCodeImports (via IProductView):

Method newCodeImport Create a new code import.

Inherited from IServiceUsage (via IProductView):

Choice answers_usage Where does this pillar have an Answers forum?
Choice blueprints_usage Where does this pillar host blueprints?
Choice codehosting_usage Where does this pillar host code?
Choice bug_tracking_usage Where does this pillar track bugs?
Bool uses_launchpad Undocumented

Inherited from IProductLimitedView:

Attribute displayname Display name (deprecated)

Inherited from IHasIcon (via IProductLimitedView):

Attribute icon The 14x14 icon.

Inherited from IHasLogo (via IProductLimitedView):

Attribute logo The 64x64 logo.

Inherited from IHasOwner (via IProductLimitedView):

Attribute owner The object's owner, which is an IPerson.

Inherited from ILaunchpadUsage (via IProductLimitedView):

Bool official_answers Undocumented
Bool official_blueprints Undocumented
Bool official_codehosting Undocumented
Bool official_malone Undocumented
Bool official_anything Undocumented
Bool enable_bug_expiration Undocumented

Inherited from IProductPublic:

Int id Undocumented
Method userCanView True if the given user has access to this product.
Method userCanLimitedView True if the given user has limited access to this product.

Inherited from IFAQTarget:

Method newFAQ Create a new FAQ hosted in this target.
Method findSimilarFAQs Return FAQs contained in this target similar to summary.

Inherited from IFAQCollection (via IFAQTarget):

Method getFAQ Return the IFAQ in this collection with the requested id.
Method searchFAQs Return the FAQs in the collection that matches the search criteria.

Inherited from IQuestionTargetPublic (via IQuestionTarget):

Method getQuestion Return the question by its id, if it is applicable to this target.
Method findSimilarQuestions Return questions similar to phrase.
Method getAnswerContactsForLanguage Return the list of Persons that provide support for a language.
Method getAnswerContactRecipients Return an INotificationRecipientSet of answer contacts.
Method getSupportedLanguages Return a list of languages spoken by at the answer contacts.
List answer_contacts Persons that are willing to provide support for this target. They receive email notifications about each new question as well as for changes to any questions related to this target.
List direct_answer_contacts IPersons that registered as answer contacts explicitely on this target. (answer_contacts may include answer contacts inherited from other context.)
Method canUserAlterAnswerContact Can the user add or remove the answer contact.

Inherited from ISearchableByQuestionOwner (via IQuestionTarget, IQuestionTargetPublic):

Method searchQuestions Return the questions from the collection matching search criteria.

Inherited from IQuestionCollection (via IQuestionTarget, IQuestionTargetPublic, ISearchableByQuestionOwner):

Method getQuestionLanguages Return the set of ILanguage used by all the questions in the

Inherited from IQuestionTargetView (via IQuestionTarget):

Method newQuestion Create a new question.
Method createQuestionFromBug Create and return a Question from a Bug.
Method addAnswerContact Add a new answer contact.
Method removeAnswerContact Remove an answer contact.

Inherited from ISpecificationTarget:

Method getSpecification Returns the specification with the given name, for this target,
Method getAllowedSpecificationInformationTypes Get the InformationTypes for this target's specifications.
Method getDefaultSpecificationInformationType Get the default InformationType for the target's specifications.

Inherited from IHasSpecifications (via ISpecificationTarget):

Method specifications Specifications for this target.
Method valid_specifications Valid specifications for this target.

Inherited from IStructuralSubscriptionTargetRead (via IStructuralSubscriptionTarget):

Method getSubscriptions Return all the subscriptions with the specified levels.
Attribute parent_subscription_target The target's parent, or None if one doesn't exist.
Attribute bug_subscriptions All subscriptions to bugs at the METADATA level or higher.
Method userCanAlterSubscription Check if a user can change a subscription for a person.
Method userCanAlterBugSubscription Check if a user can change a bug subscription for a person.
Method getSubscription Return the subscription for person, if it exists.
Attribute target_type_display The type of the target, for display.
Method userHasBugSubscriptions Is user subscribed, directly or via a team, to bug mail?

Inherited from IStructuralSubscriptionTargetWrite (via IStructuralSubscriptionTarget):

Method addSubscription Add a subscription for this structure.
Method addBugSubscription Add a bug subscription for this structure.
Method addBugSubscriptionFilter Add a bug subscription filter for this structure.
Method removeBugSubscription Remove a subscription to bugs from this structure.

Inherited from IPrivacy (via IInformationType):

Bool private Private objects are visible to members or subscribers.

Inherited from IPillar:

Attribute pillar_category The category title applicable to the pillar
drivers =
Presents the drivers of this project as a list. A list is required because there might be a project driver and also a driver appointed in the overarching project group.
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