l.a.i.w.IQuestionTarget(IQuestionTargetPublic, IQuestionTargetView) : interface documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.registry.interfaces.webservice.IDistribution, lp.registry.interfaces.webservice.IDistributionSourcePackage, lp.registry.interfaces.webservice.IProduct

An object that can have a new question asked about it.

Inherited from IQuestionTargetPublic:

Method getQuestion Return the question by its id, if it is applicable to this target.
Method findSimilarQuestions Return questions similar to phrase.
Method getAnswerContactsForLanguage Return the list of Persons that provide support for a language.
Method getAnswerContactRecipients Return an INotificationRecipientSet of answer contacts.
Method getSupportedLanguages Return a list of languages spoken by at the answer contacts.
List answer_contacts Persons that are willing to provide support for this target. They receive email notifications about each new question as well as for changes to any questions related to this target.
List direct_answer_contacts IPersons that registered as answer contacts explicitely on this target. (answer_contacts may include answer contacts inherited from other context.)
Method canUserAlterAnswerContact Can the user add or remove the answer contact.

Inherited from ISearchableByQuestionOwner (via IQuestionTargetPublic):

Method searchQuestions Return the questions from the collection matching search criteria.

Inherited from IQuestionCollection (via IQuestionTargetPublic, ISearchableByQuestionOwner):

Method getQuestionLanguages Return the set of ILanguage used by all the questions in the

Inherited from IQuestionTargetView:

Method newQuestion Create a new question.
Method createQuestionFromBug Create and return a Question from a Bug.
Method addAnswerContact Add a new answer contact.
Method removeAnswerContact Remove an answer contact.
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