l.r.i.a.IMakesAnnouncements(IHasAnnouncements) : interface documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.registry.interfaces.distribution.IDistributionPublic, lp.registry.interfaces.product.IProductView, lp.registry.interfaces.projectgroup.IProjectGroupPublic

An interface for pillars that can make announcements.
Method announce Create a Announcement for this project.

Inherited from IHasAnnouncements:

Method getAnnouncement Return the requested announcement.
Method getAnnouncements Return a list of announcements visible to this user.
def announce(user, title, summary=None, url=None, publication_date=None):
Create a Announcement for this project.

The user is the person making the announcement. The publication date is either None (a future date), or a specified datetime.

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