l.r.i.p.IProductDriverRestricted(Interface) : interface documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.registry.interfaces.webservice.IProduct

IProduct properties which require launchpad.Driver permission.
Method newSeries Creates a new IProductSeries for this IProduct.
@export_factory_operation(IProductSeries, 'name''summary''branch''releasefileglob')
def newSeries(owner, name, summary, branch=None, releasefileglob=None):
Creates a new IProductSeries for this IProduct.
ParametersownerThe registrant of this series.
nameThe unique name of this series.
summaryThe summary of the purpose and focus of development of this series.
branchThe bazaar branch that contains the code for this series.
releasefileglobThe public URL pattern where release files can be automatically downloaded from and linked to this series.
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