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Interfaces including and related to IProduct.
Function valid_sourceforge_project_name Is this is a valid SourceForge project name?
Function sourceforge_project_name_validator Raise a validation exception if the name is not valid.
Class LicenseStatus The status of a project's licence review.
Class License Licences under which a project's code can be released.
Interface ILicensesModifiedEvent A Product's licenses were changed.
Interface IProductDriverRestricted IProduct properties which require launchpad.Driver permission.
Interface IProductModerateRestricted IProduct properties which require launchpad.Moderate.
Interface IProductPublic No interface docstring; 0/1 ints, 2/2 methods documented
Interface IProductLimitedView Attributes that must be visible for person with artifact grants
Interface IProductView Public IProduct properties.
Interface IProductEditRestricted IProduct properties which require launchpad.Edit permission.
Interface IProductReviewSearch A search form for products being reviewed.
Class NoSuchProduct Raised when we try to find a product that doesn't exist.
Interface InvalidProductName Undocumented
def valid_sourceforge_project_name(project_name):
Is this is a valid SourceForge project name?
def sourceforge_project_name_validator(project_name):

Raise a validation exception if the name is not valid.

>>> sourceforge_project_name_validator('valid')
>>> sourceforge_project_name_validator(
...     '1nvalid') #doctest: +ELLIPSIS,+NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE
Traceback (most recent call last):
LaunchpadValidationError: SourceForge project names...
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