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Known subclasses: lp.blueprints.interfaces.sprint.ISprintPublic, lp.blueprints.interfaces.webservice.ISpecificationSet, lp.blueprints.interfaces.webservice.ISpecificationTarget, lp.registry.interfaces.person.IPersonViewRestricted, lp.registry.interfaces.projectgroup.IProjectGroupPublic, lp.registry.interfaces.projectgroup.IProjectGroupSeries

An object that has specifications attached to it.

For example, people, products and distributions have specifications associated with them, and you can use this interface to query those.

Method specifications Specifications for this target.
Method valid_specifications Valid specifications for this target.
def specifications(user, quantity=None, sort=None, filter=None, need_people=True, need_branches=True, need_workitems=False):
Specifications for this target.

The user specifies which user to use for calculation of visibility. The sort is a dbschema which indicates the preferred sort order. The filter is an indicator of the kinds of specs to be returned, and appropriate filters depend on the kind of object this method is on. If there is a quantity, then limit the result to that number.

In the case where the filter is [] or None, the content class will decide what its own appropriate "default" filter is. In some cases, it will show all specs, in others, all approved specs, and in others, all incomplete specs.

If need_people is True, then the assignee, drafter and approver will be preloaded, if need_branches is True, linked_branches will be preloaded, and if need_workitems is True, work_items will be preloaded.

def valid_specifications(**kwargs):
Valid specifications for this target.

Any kwargs are passed to specifications.

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